Gothic for Goths: Stuff!

So, not one, not two, but THREE new Gothic for Goths videos this weekend!

Now, don't get all excited, they're not the regular sorts of meaty videos full of romans and chupacabras that you're used to, but there are two vlogs that i'd like to think are rather informative, and a "secret" lesson of Gothic for Goths that is being made available only to those lovely individuals who have purchased a T-shirt from the Gothic for Goths storefront.

The first vlog is just about random various things, and the second is a spin-off about a sore subject that gtets a little long.  Check 'em out on my YouTube channel, or watch them right here!

And yes, i know my roots are getting a little out of control.  Don't worry, i'll be doing Something Interesting With My Hair for orientation soon.

And if you'd like to see that third video, which i promise is very interesting and informative, go buy a T-shirt!  And remember that all sleeveless shirts are 25% off for another three, four days or so!