New Gothic for Goths Storefront: Official Opening! Free Shipping this Weekend!

Háilai, Gutilans!

I just wanted to announce the official opening of the Gothic for Goths storefront on SpreadShirt.  Thanks to the patronage of our own dear Ms. Fledermaus and Mr. Matt, i've gotten enough orders to upload more designs and present a pretty decent selection of gothy gothware!

Visit http://gothic4goths.spreadshirt.com for a great selection of T-shirts, bandanas, ties, and, yes, even fancy new black underwear!  We currently have eight designs available on a selection of 52 different products, including:

My fancy new black underwear is chafing.

Okay, this party's getting dirty... 

Then on the back:
...I'm putting on my clothes and going home.

...with the optionally cheeky followup of:

Announce to the world just how goth you are with these:
I am gother than thou.

...for the gentlemen, 'gutiza' being in the masculine declension, 
but for the ladies we have 'gutizei':
I am gother than thou. 
...in the feminine declension.  For those of you falling somewhere in the middle, if you are holding out for 'gutizata' you'll have to wait until I can upload more designs, after I've sold another nine products.

And of course, from the infamous Lesson 5, we have:
Goths. Don't. Frolick.

And finally, if you're feeling emo:
I'm going to the corner, alone, to cry.  

Please note that 'áinakls' in the last is only in the masculine declension.  Ladies, you'll have to wait for more uploads if you feel like crying in a corner 'áinakla'.

The above designs are flex-printed on black fabric in your choice of parchment or red lettering.

The t-shirts are all available in standard weight or heavy-weight fabric.  The heavyweight is a couple dollars more, but much more durable.  There are also a couple of v-necks in there, but i thought they looked a little silly, so they're not available for all products yet.  If there's a demand for them, i'll happily expand the line.

If there are any of the above designs that you'd like to see on a different type of fabric or in a different color, please let me know and i'll be glad to create it for you.

Finally, for the grand (official) opening, there is FREE SHIPPING this weekend only!  From now until Sunday you will receive free shipping on all orders!  Just enter "FREEWEEKEND" at checkout.  So go out there and get gothed up!

Cheers, Gothlings!

PS - My categories are kinda farked, and some of them lie.  I'm still trying to sort that out, but ideally you should be able to sort by your choice of Lesson (3, 4, or 5), Apparel (Hamideis [t-shirts] or Undarhams [underwear]), and physical or grammatical Gender (Qēnē [Women's] or Gumanē [Men's]).

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