The Jamin & Karen Supper Club: Wasabi, revisited

Karen and i haven't visited a new place in a while, so we planned to go out tonight to a new sushi place - Origami, Nami, or Midori's Floating World.  Somehow, though, we ended up back at Wasabi, getting almost exactly what we got last time.  Only we got the spicy tuna, which was very nice, instead of the rainbow roll, which was kinda boring.

I won't spent a lot of time on the details, since I already talked about Wasabi, but I did get some pictures of the volcano roll this time.  Sorry, they're taken in bad light with a fairly low-end camera phone.  But Behold!

Sorry, i'd already eaten a couple before i thought to get a picture of it!

A closeup of the "volcano," which kept burning for a disturbingly long time. By the way, those little orange bits i think are cripy-fried sweet potato, though i can't be certain. Nom!

Spicy tuna on the left and volcano roll on the right.  I love those silver chopsticks!

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