The Jamin & Karen Supper Club: Moto-I, and a new neighbor!

Well, this wasn't truly a Jamin & Karen Supper Club event.  It was going to be, but instead it turned out to be Jamin & Peat and Matt & Maus, later joined by Andy for an excursion to Moto-I.  There was a bit of discussion about whether it is pronounced ['mo.to.i:] or ['mo.to.ai], and we still have not found out the answer, but for me, the former seems much more reasonable.

We got reservations online, which is always helpful, but the latest time available was 5:30, so we rushed about and headed down there post haste.  Upon our arrival, i discovered (and apparently everyone else already knew) that they had a rooftop patio, so we headed up the elevator and perched ourselves in the late afternoon sun.

Originally i wanted to go there because i had a Groupon to use up (actually i have several), but they apparently don't accept them during happy hour.  Not a problem, though, considering that we were there for quite a while, and they did take them for non-happy hour fare.

I can't even tell you what i ate.  Moto-I is like that.  There was a lot of sake.  I think i got the hamachi sashimi platter, which was awesome, of course, and lots of various little buns filled with... stuff.  I vaguely remember sweet potato fries.  And, oh, the sake!  While i mainly stuck to the junmai nama genshu, i thought it was a good idea (and i recommend this to everyone who goes there) to get a flight just to remind myself of the possibilities: I always forget how much i like the tokubetsu.

Look, i'm not going to lie.  Moto-I is not cheap.  It seems cheap, because it's a lot of little $3 - $6 items.  But with enough sake, you don't realize that you've ordered 30 of them.  Still, it's totally worth it once in a while.  For the five of us, the bill came to just about $250.  I had a $50 Groupon, but somehow I ended up paying an additional $110... hey, wait a minute!  Oh well. "Those telemarketers always get me!"

"Grandma, you have to stop answering the telephone."

"But it rings!"

Anyway...  After dinner Andy followed us back to the Island, where we introduced him to Lauren & Maryn, since we just discovered that their downstairs neighbor will be moving at the end of his lease, and Andy is currently looking for a place.  We were also happily surprised the next day to hear through the Island Grapevine that he'd signed a lease!  Wow, they sure process those credit and background checks quickly here on the Island.  On Sunday.  Easter... hey, wait a minute!  Got me again!

That's okay, i'll vouch for Andy.

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  1. I had the most marvelous time, and I'm delighted to have such a nice new neighbor!

    Mmmm, sake flights!