Gothic for Goths: Lesson 6 takes another turn!

So recently i had promised Gothic for Goths: Lesson 6, which would involve making yoghurt.  Then i got distracted and decided that it would be better to start with the more "gothy" making of beer.  And most recently, this weekend, i realized that no one is going to be able to follow a decent recipe without knowing some basic things like ...numbers.

So this weekend i wrote the script for "Gutiska Razda faúr Gutans: Raþjan" (Counting).  I haven't recorded any of the sound yet, but I have made most of the slides and double- and triple-checked the grammar.  I have a vague fear that it's going to be way too long.  I might add in some information about using the alphabet for counting à la greek and hebrew, and just split it up into a two-parter like that horribly long and boring alphabet lesson.  But you can't skimp on these important subjects.

So once counting is done, perhaps while i'm in NY in a couple of weeks (where it all began!), i'll work on the recipes.  I think i also need someone who is good with photography or film to come and get the live-action shots for me, because, as i discovered during a practice run last week, do you have any idea how hard it is to take video of yourself with a webcam built into your laptop while you're bottling beer?

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