The Jamin & Karen Supper Club: Wasabi

Karen and i visited Wasabi in Downtown Minneapolis on a Saturday night.

You know, say what you will about Wasabi; a lot of people i talk to don't seem to like it much.  I love it, though, with the exception of nearly impossible and/or extremely expensive parking.

Whenever i'm there with three or more people, i always recommend the Treasure Boat, although the last time i was there it left a little to be desired.  I wish i could say why specifically - it just wasn't as fabulous as it usually was for some intangible reason.  I guess that's why i'm not a food critic.  Yet.

(By the way, i'm inserting here this picture of the Treasure Boat, which i took in July 2010 at another trip to Wasabi with Eric and Linc, and for the record it was stellar again as usual.)
Treasure Boat

Anyway, Karen and i got a small selection of sushi, thinking we would order more in a bit: the Rainbow Roll and the Volcano Roll, as well as some drinks.  I got my Wasabi standard: the Drunken Samurai, which is a dazzling green blend of rum, coconut, cream, Midori, and ...and other stuff.  Good stuff.

The Rainbow Roll was okay, nothing to write home -- or blog -- about.  Pretty, plain, bland.  The Volcano, however, was just awesome, and try as we might, we didn't have room for anything more once we had finished it.  Hopefully next time I can get a good picture of it, because it's really quite impressive, complete with actual fire.

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