The Jamin & Karen Supper Club: Izzy's

This wasn't really supper, but Karen called me up this afternoon and asked if i wanted to go out for ice cream at Izzy's.  I'd never been there, but it's supposed to be quite a landmark just over the river from the Longfellow Grill into St. Paul.  They beat out Bobby Flay in a blind taste test when he came to challenge them to an ice-cream-off a couple of years ago.  (Not that that's so impressive to me, anyway, because i think he's kind of a tool. I mean, who wants BBQ-sauce-flavored ice cream?)

Anyway, i ended up grabbing an ice cream sandwich out of the freezer case.  ("How much could it be?") And i just about choked when she said it would be $5.  It was good and all, but come on, it's a freakin' ice cream sandwich.

I was also dismayed to see, on my way out the door, that they had blueberry cheesecake ice cream.  I was so sad when Ben & Jerry stopped making that 15 years or so ago.  But we were illegally parked, so I hurried out and made a mental note to get that next time around.

And if it's good blueberry cheesecake ice cream, they could charge me $20 a pint and i wouldn't balk.  (But i'm hoping for something more like $5.)

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