OMG Vacation!

So i'm on a sorta federally mandated vacation this week.  That it to say, i discovered a week ago that i hit my vacation time max in July and i've lost about a week's worth of vacation time since then.  So i'm getting paid out for a week of it (woohoo!) and i'm taking this week off.

It's hard for me to take vacations.  It's one of those things where i always figure "Sure, i'll take a vacation once things settle down and i have a chance to." But experience tells me that things never do settle down, and if you wait for a chance, you're not going to get one. Then again, maybe i would get a chance once in a while if our office wasn't already short by one or more people... *ahem* to any of the Powers That Be who might stumble upon this who might be able to approve us to post a job... But i digress.

So what am i going to do with myself this week?

Well, for starters i'm catching up on some web work.  It occurred to me that my quasi-defunct website hasn't been worked on (or probably even visited) in about six years, so i'm starting a bit of an overhaul on it.  The only part that's seen any action lately has been a rather meager page on gothic that i threw up there to point the Gothic for Goths folks at so they could read the scripts, but i just spent the weekend updating the gothic lexicon page to my usual obsessive-compulsive ends, so you can now look up any word from any of the lessons, click on it, and get a full conjugation of verbs, full declension of nouns or adjectives (including suppletion!), and a slew of etymologies and such.  Not thrilled with the formatting just yet, but one of my projects for today will be creating a script to edit the HTML on the pages to get the tables to be "pretty" and to strip out some of the more useless formatting.  (Though i must say Google Sites' editing does do a pretty nice job, HTML-wise, and doesn't have a lot of overhead.)

I'm also going to expand a bit on some of the rest of the site.  About a year or more ago, I pulled down the main site and switched over to Google Apps, but I just never got it up and running.  So this week, i promise: recipes, texts, stuff about me, and lots of other fun stuff!

Other than floobing around the Goth-Tubes, i also finally got around to scraping that horrible pop-corn stuff off the ceiling in the former-and-future bedroom, which in turn pretty much ruined the carpet.  So Peat and i are off to Home Despot at some point today to get Stuff.  Stuff, of course, being paint (white ceiling, "Proper Purple" walls), painting supplies, maybe something for pulling up the carpet and redoing the floor, a new handle for our side storm door (which has been broken for a year and i finally have a chance to do something about it), and whatever other projects we dream up along the way.  I'm sure there will be a few more before long.

I've also decided that this week I'm going to teach myself and master the art of making pizza dough.

I think we're also going to be doing a lot of last-minute holy-crap-it's-winter-already canning, bottling, and putting-by of stuff from the garden.

D'oh!  Which reminds me i need to harvest hops.  And i should ask Leslie & Ochen if they're going to use the basil in their front garden, or if i can turn it into pesto.

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