A Deal for YOU! from the Maple Syrup Pimp

Hey folks,

Just a note to let everyone know that i'm putting all the remaining syrup from this spring up on Etsy Showcase this Friday, so if you need a refill, or if you have yet to try Meadowbrook Farms' delicious 100% pure wood-fired maple syrup, order yours now while supplies last!  They'll be on Etsy Showcase this Friday and the following Saturday, and i really don't expect to have any left by the end of it.  At least i hope not.  (Get it out of my house!)

Great holiday gifts!  And there won't be more until April!

Order yours today at http://meadowbrookfarms.etsy.com!

If you're local to me and you want to pick it up, let me know and i'll refund your shipping on PayPal.

- Jamin

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