West (& Wewaxation)

I’m just having a nice weekend off... from everything!  No work, no drama, no cleaning, no nothing.  I’m going to need it as the beginning of the school year draws nigh.  So here are just a few random things floating around my head at the moment.


I’ve been having a great debate with myself about my hair over the last couple of weeks.  For one thing, it’s getting close to the beginning of school, at which time i usually shave off the mohawk and go back to pain old boring old corporate slave hair.  That time usually coincides happily with the start of football season, and experience has shown me that if you have a purple mohawk after the Vikings start playing, that’s all you’re going to hear about - on the bus, from students coming into the office, from random people on the street.

But i’ve decided that i don’t really care if people assume i’m a Vikings fan just because i have a purple mohawk.  I have a purple mohawk because i like purple mohawks, and i’m not going to let Brett Favre dictate my coif’.  I don’t care any more about football than i ever did (that’s the one with the ball shaped like Stewie’s head, right?), but i’m not going to let it influence my already questionable fashion choices either.

So right now i’m touching up the ’hawk with some more purple and getting my coif’ on.  I also took some ½” clear tapers i had around and left them in a ziplock bag for a week with the same purple dye i use on my hair, and they’re now a lovely identical shade, and particularly impressive when i put the ’hawk in spikes.

I’ll get some new picks of it up soon, but both of my digital cameras have suffered some sort of traumatic disaster, and it will have to be up to my cell phone.


In other news, i’ve nearly perfected the art of coffee.  That is to say, that, in preparing for the upcoming Robot Apocalypse, i decided that i’m not willing to be without coffee for any extended length of time, and so i invested in a coffee roaster and some green coffee beans.  I’ve made about four batches so far, and have discovered that precisely 23 minutes in the roaster (for frozen beans – 20 for room temperature) produces what may be the best cup of coffee i’ve ever tasted.  So far i’ve only experimented with beans from Uganda and Honduras, but as soon as i find a good source for green Malaŵi beans, i’m going to order a 50 pound bag.  That ought to keep me in good coffee for about a year, and at about $4 a pound, definitely an improvement over the Kona i usually drink.

Robot Apocalypse

Mind you, i don’t really believe that a Robot Apocalypse is coming.  That would be stupid.  But i do think that Great Depression 2.0 is just around the corner, and it will not deprive me of coffee or any of the other “necessaties” that i could live without, but wouldn’t want to.  I’ve always had a thing for cottage industry, but lately i’ve been ramping it up a little, learning how to make most of the stuff i might, someday soon, not be able to buy.  Like coffee.  And of course i’ve already got the beer, wine, cheese, yoghurt, vinegar thing down.  (I just bottled five gallons of a really nice trappist trippel that i’m particularly excited to try!)  And those of you who know me well already know that my goal is one day to return to the Farm and make artisanal cheeses.  Well, that day may be coming sooner than i thought.

 (To be continued shortly: I have to go wash out the dye...)

Okay, so i'm back.  Here's a picture, although it will look a lot better in a day or two once all the colors even our.
So, anyway, yeah, about the Robot Apocalypse...  What was i talking about again?

Here’s another where i tried to be artsy, but it came out a little weird.  But the geometric thing i was going for came through pretty well.

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