So it's official...

Lenovo doesn't support sysprep, and they acknowledge that sysprep does not work with their default recovery partition intact. Microsoft does not support not using sysprep for cloned computers. Lenovo kindly offered to sell us blocks of hours for support, though.

Meanwhile, however, I have a new trick up my sleeve. My solution won't be supported by Lenovo or Microsoft, but, since neither is reality, I guess I'm okay with that, and it will at least mean that students will get their laptops this fall.

More fun on that front as well: Every year we work closely with Admissions to get accurate enrollment numbers so we can buy as close to the right number of laptops as possible. This year when we placed the order, enrollment was at 241, but would probably drop to about 235. We ordered 245, because we like to have five to ten loaners.

And the incoming class of 2012 is ...drumroll... 211.

Um, anybody wanna buy a laptop?

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