Gettin’ my freak on...

So, I've been trying to decide what to do with my hair for the summer. Because, as most of you know, I have boring old corporate slave hair for most of the cold months (...wait, this is Minnesota... they're all cold months!...) and then some sort of interesting hair in the summer.

Last year I went all-out and got a mohawk (like the one in my profile picture, which [and this makes me smile] is taken from a technology brochure that was sent out to incoming students last year).

Usually I do the something-funky-with-my-hair thing around the beginning of May, to coincide with finals for the students. This year, though, I just wasn't feeling it. I wanted to do something, but couldn't decide what. So I kept my same old boring old hair.

So a week ago I learn that there's this upcoming ThinkTank conference in North Carolina, and I convince the Powers That Be to let Dan, Erin, and me go. [soapbox: Yes, it is "and me" because it is in the accusative case. "Let Dan go." "Let Erin go." "Let me go." Hence, "let Dan, Erin, and me go." There is no disjunctive case in english, so stop using one!] Erin went alone last year, and it seemed like the sort of thing that we really should all be a part of. Also, when Erin was there last year, she had bright blue hair. She made an impression, and everyone knew who she was. I decided we needed to do the same again, only we all needed to make some sort of big impression.

(BTW, for those of you who might not know, Dan and Erin are the full-time staff of the LSCS department, which I supervise at the U of M. Erin is the girl with blue hair and Dan is the guy who looks like Wolverine.)

Anyway, Erin has blue hair again. And Dan still looks like Wolverine. But I just looked like plain old boring old me, so I set about doing something about it.

So. When trying to give yourself a mohawk, have someone help you with the back. I accidentally cut at a diagonal at one point, and so the back just kinda ends, just at that point where I couldn't see it anymore. The front/top looks good. I actually found a 2" wide belt with a nifty hook on the end which hooked right onto the bridge of my glasses that I was able to use as a guide... until I got to the back, turned my head to be able to see, and threw the whole thing off.

But still, another plain old boring old mohawk? I decided a trip to the Sprawl of A-scare-ica was in order, if nothing else but I wanted to get some lunch at Tiger Sushi (which is surprisingly good for a 12 square foot sushi restaurant in a mall! In fact, it's really good! I recommend the Tiger Balls!) But moreover, I wanted to pick up some sort of mohawk glue that I could spike up with properly.

Man, there are some dumbass people who work in Bath & Body. "No, I don't think that using pomade is the same thing…I don't care if it has glitter in it and gives my hair a nice shine…No, really, I don't want it!" Anyway, she finally sent me to the other Bath & Body shop. (Yes, for some reason they think it's necessary to have two in the same mall.) (Did I mention I hate the mall? Not in that angsty gothy teenage "I-hate-the-mall" way, but in a sort of "I feel gross being here. Oh my god, the population of this mall makes it the third biggest city in Minnesota. Oh my god, this is where people from the suburbs go for 'culture'" kind of way.) But I digress.

Anyway, on my way to the other Bath & Body works, I passed Hot Topic. I know, I know, Goth-lite. But I thought they might have something. And hey, it turns out they did. But I have to document the conversation.

Me: "Do you have any sort of mohawk glue?"

Cashier: "No, nothing like that. But we do have this stuff." (Holds us a tube of something called Mohawk Glue™.)

Me: "Well, I guess that'll have to do."

Then I started looking at all the pretty colors that dark, sad people could make their hair. On a whim, I bought a bleaching kit and "Deep Purple" by Raw Color. What the heck. I also bought a pair of clear 1/2" plugs for a scant $8, which I like to think of as monocles for my earlobes.

Anyway, enough of all that blather. Go check out my pictures and see how it turned out! (Better ones coming soon... my camera is going wonky.) You can't really see it in the pictures, but my hair is now a most amazing shade of roughly AA00CC.

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