Road Trip!

This weekend, Jen and I took a little road trip to Madison to see Peaches. We drove to her parents' house, about an hour north of Madison, dropped off our stuff, then hurried to get to the Majestic in time for the show at 7:00pm. We made it there around quarter after only to find that the doors didn't even open until 8:00, and that the show was at 9:00! So we asked the obvious question: "What are we drinking until then?"

We found a nifty local bar across the street (in fact, I think the name actually was The Local) and had some vodka and Red Bull followed by some Jäg-bombs. Then we discovered that they proclaimed to have "awesome nachos," and we decided we'd be the judge of that. There was some initial fail and a minor Jen freak-out when she thought there was no salsa, but it all worked out and they were, indeed, awesome. Our bartender clocked out before we were finished and bought us another round of Jäg-bombs, which was pretty awesome of him, especially considering that he clocked out before we could tip him (we'd been running a tab).

Anyway, we went back to the Majestic at around 9:00 for the opening band, which I don't remember anything about except it was supposed to be featuring the drummer from Slayer. It kinda surprised us by sucking a big fat dick. I dunno if it had anything to do with Slayer - it was just a guy in Kiss makeup playing tracks on him Macbook and singing... poorly. Oh well, you never know. The very first concert I went to in my life was to see REM in Buffalo, and opening for them was a really shitty band that no one had ever heard of called Radiohead...

Jen and I went outside to miss the rest of the opener, and spent the time making catty comments about poor fashion choices. One in particular was an anarchist kid on a bicycle putting up fliers for some sort of Radical Queer event, dressed in the usual radical queer anarchist kid gear, but also sporting hot pink striped tights.

Also, is it just me, or is everyone in Madison short? I mean, I'm 5'9", and add another 4" of mohawk, but I was towering over people.

Anyway, Peaches came on around quarter after 10:00, and rocked us. I've seen Peaches about four or five times now, and this was by far the best show yet. Lots of costumes, kinda circusy, and raunchier than ever.

There were also some really disturbingly wrong wig-monsters on stage at one point... kinda like Cousin It had had some sort of drunken indiscresion with a sheep.

Then during the encore, Peaches came out with a new costume that involved what I can only indelicately describe as a clit-strobe.

I think one of the things that put this particular show above the rest is that there was a band with her this time - in the past it's just been her and electronica. And it didn't hurt that the band was hot. I was particularly drooling over the drummer, but there was also a bassist I might have considered going back to women for!

But perhaps the best part of the evening was right after the show. Everyone poured out into the streets, and that anarchist bicycle kid pulled up in front of the theater on his bike with some sort of a homemade amp system duct-taped to it, and a little gay dance party broke out in the middle of the street. Jen and I decided that that redeemed him for the hot pink tights.

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