Road Trip! (part II)

...After we left the little street party (which only lasted for about ten minutes), we went back to the car where we discovered that the ticket machine in the parking ramp could not read our ticket, and kept demanding that we pay for a lost ticket. No help from the help button, and then it wouldn't even try to read the ticket anymore and just stopped doing anything, so we had no choice but to drive through the toll arm, which surprisingly just popped up and over the car with no fuss. Jen then went to her "dark place" for a little while, but was feeling better by the time we got back to her parents' house to find chips and homemade salsa waiting for us in the kitchen.

The next morning, we went to Prairie Nursery where Jen's parents work and looked around. Then Jen and I drove to a nearby farm that has miniature horses. They didn't pay any attention to us at first, but when we started to leave, a couple of them came up to the fence and rolled and played and acted cute, likely hoping we had something tasty for them to eat.

Then burgers and brats for lunch, followed by a walk down to the farm next door to see the World's Cutest Donkeys and feed them carrots.

We didn't leave until almost 7:00pm, but we had a great time and drove back through the bluffs on Hwy 61.

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