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Happy Tax Day, everyone!

As a self-righteous early tax-doer (January 27th, the day I got my W-2!), I chortle at you as you frantically bustle about the Post Offices of America!

Peat and I were in New York for some time recently where we made 540-some gallons of maple syrup with my parents. There's probably a lot to write about that, but I haven't got the time now. It was fun. In any case, we're both back in Minnesota now (Peat stayed an extra two weeks) with 140 quarts of maple syrup to sell here. ...Actually, that's not entirely true. One entire case blew up in a huge sticky mess in the mail. It was insured, but they're denying the claim, saying it wasn't packed properly. But considering that we packed it AT the post office, we're appealing. I mean, that's $300 of syrup.

Anyway, I just realized that I'm already a half-hour late, and since I'm just rambling about nothing, farewell for now!

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