Rude Subconscious!

So my subconscious came up with a brand new fake-out for me this morning, and i think it was rather rude. This morning i actually dreamt that i got up, turned off my alarm, made coffee, got dressed, and was on my way to work, walking along through the crunching snow. I went through the back parking lot, waved to Barry walking his dogs, and got snow in my shoes while trying to cut through the park. The only part of it that was true, however, was that i turned off the alarm.

Not a total disaster, however: Another little piece of my subconscious was looking out for me, and in my dream i fell in the snow, but for some reason i was in the middle of a stream in the woods, thinking, "aw, crap, now i'm gonna be all wet and cold on the bus," but for some reason i was neither, and i realized that the warm wool cape i was wearing was water resistant. Cape? Stream? Woods? That was enough of an inconsistency for me to go, "Hey, wait a minute... dammit!"

I'm still going to be late for work, but not terribly so.