1,000 Uses for Organic Heavy Cream...

A large part of this past weekend has been spent coming up with new uses for cream. A bizarre set of circumstances on Friday left us with approximately nine gallons of organic heavy cream. Rocky and Colin took three to make butter and ice cream, and Peat and i have been trying to work through the rest.

I turned first to my specialty: nine quarts of sour cream right off the bat. Then butter. So much butter. We figured at least that can be frozen, and was probably our best shot at putting all of this by. We did that for five hours or so until my little food processor seized up and started to smell like burning. (Yes, we used a food processor. As much as we'd like you to think this is Little House on the Prairie, there are limits. Have you ever gotten a churning blister? Me either. I want to keep it that way!)

After the butter, we still had two gallons left. I took some sour cream over to Maryn and Lauren, and nearly a gallon of buttermilk and some of the cream to Phil and Karen, then discovered a recipe for "Swiss Cream Cheese," which seems to be the same as "French Cream Cheese," only made at a temperature about 10 degrees cooler. I opted for this because it's so bloody cold in here.

Can I digress to say what a freakishly cold winter this has been? I don't think it's been over 20ºF yet this year, and for a couple of weeks before that! It's barely been in the double-digits! It's currently 9º, and that's practically tepid! Last month's heat bill alone was $200, and it's not like it's warm in here - that's $7 a day to keep it at 65º.

So anyway, the Swiss cream cheese is a two or three day process, so it's still culturing - I'll let you know what it eventually turns into. One gallon of cream left, and one more day to use it before it expires!

Oh, and on the plus side of the temperature, our pantry is currently a balmy 47º, so at least we don't have to make room for all that cream in the fridge.

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