There's no such thing as the Plague of 10,000 Pestilential Putrescences!

...or at least that what i thought until late monday afternoon.

I'm sick :(

And not just your regular stuffy coughy achy sick. We're talking about going on day three and feeling worse than ever! Tylenol, DayQuil, and aspirin all have no effect whatsoever. I'm drinking TheraFlu right now, but i'm pretty sure that's just Tylenol mixed with something to make it taste like ass.

Then there are the electric shocks. That's right - every once in a while i get these horrible electric shocks that make me fall to the ground. Kind of what i imagine getting tazed is like. I'm hoping that it's the result of me pinching a nerve in my back from coughing so violently, because a quick glance around the intertubes suggests tumors, radiation poisoning, and other less-than-savory fates.


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