Dark & Spooky Translations for Goths, volume IV

Just a single phrase this time around, and i'm not going to tell you what it means. Let's see if you've picked up enough Gothic to figure it out - first one to comment the translation wins a piece of what this handy phrase is about!

Sō taffei ubila ïst; si þarf tugana. Tiuh þō ubilon taffein. Tiuh ïja!

Hint: This is something you always find Goths doing!


  1. Matt came close with:

    This [name?] is bad; ? gotta [fly (based on Toucan translation)?]. Lead the bad [name?]. Lead them!

    But not close enough!

  2. The taffy is bad; it needs to be pulled(?). Pull the bad taffy. Pull it!

    Total guess lol.

    1. Wow, this is from the early days! Yes: "The taffy is evil, and must be pulled! Pull the evil taffy! Pull it!" (Cf. http://www.voltaire.net/what_is_goth/) Where shall I send your taffy? (Though, to be honest, it's kind of hard now.)