Dark & Spooky Translations for Goths, volume IV

Just a single phrase this time around, and i'm not going to tell you what it means. Let's see if you've picked up enough Gothic to figure it out - first one to comment the translation wins a piece of what this handy phrase is about!

Sō taffei ubila ïst; si þarf tugana. Tiuh þō ubilon taffein. Tiuh ïja!

Hint: This is something you always find Goths doing!


In the interest of consolidation, I'm moving my primary blog to:

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Goths & Gothic

I don't really have much in the way of anything interesting in any of my old blog posts, but one thing i do want to make sure gets carried over is my collection of inappropriate phrases in Gothic, which is a little blog string i started a few months ago. I'll skip the formalities about pronunciation and transliteration for now. So without further ado, i bring you:

Dark & Spooky Translations for Goths: Inappropriate Phrases in Gothic

Ƕar ïst meins gaitsūgja gangans?
Where is my chupacabra?

Meins feina niuja swarta undarsnaga gneidiþ mik.
My fancy new black underwear is chafing.

Duhwē finþada fiusa ïn þizei saipjōn??
Why is there bacon in the soap??

Gutans frijōnd Daweid Hasalhufa!
The Goths love David Haselhof!

Uþ ïk habaidēdjau ainata niukilō wiþra hwazuh sigaraita þataei þeina aiþei rauk, wēsjau'k dauþa.
If i had a nickle for every cigarette your mom smoked, i'd be dead.

Sildaleika patai, akei ïk þarf gaggan uþ ïk teimaleikō ana þamma gafilh qima!
Great pâté, but i've gotta motor if i'm gonna make it to that funeral!

Ōkai, sō dulþs wairþiþ unhraina. ïk gawasja mik þan fara haima!
Okay, this party's getting dirty. I'm putting on my clothes and going home.

Weih niþanhun wiþra ain Sikiljan, biþē þat faur dauþau gaggiþ!
Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line!

Wileis þu paumais þarmiþ gahaban?
Do you want fries with that?

Wileis þu freidōmis brēdans þarmiþ gahaban?
Do you want freedom fries with that?

Hwat faur ainat sildaleika faurhāh!
What a fabulous window treatment!

"Þu þugkjis wisan ains sēla guma. ïk hataidēdjau þuk dauþjan."
"You seem a decent fellow. I hate to kill you."

"Þu þugkjis wisan ains sēla guma. ïk hataidēdjau diwan!"
"You seem a decent fellow. I hate to die!"

Please stay tuned for more useful phrases for the weary traveler venturing around Goth territory, such as, "How come all the communists i know are drag queens?" and "There's no such thing as the plague of 10,000 pestillential putrescences!"

So this is my new blog...

I didn't mean to have a new blog, really. Nathan wanted my help setting one up on his website, which i host. (It's currently at http://blog.herrperfekt.net, but with any luck i'll soon be able to move it to http://www.herrperfekt.net, which is currently giving me some DNS issues.) Anyway, i set this up to test it and see what it can do, so here i am.

In fact, it seems popular enough that i'll most likely be doing the same thing for Ms. Fledermaus and the Urban Agrarian later today.

I'm saddened by the fact that there is no œ̄ in Unicode, but that's hardly Blogger's fault, or Google, or really anyone but the Unicode Consortium. It would also be nice to get an uppercase ᵫ, as well as one with a macron, and hell, even some fonts that have them! And i'm a little disappointed that ᵫ with a combining macron goes all wonky, at least in Times New Roman. ᵫ̄ See? So in the meantime, blogging about Northeadish is going to be a little tricky. As much as it saddens me, i'll probably start using ȳ for ᵫ-macron for the time being. And i worry that anyone who doesn't have Vista and Office 2007 might not even be able to see the additional subsets of the Times New Roman font that contain things like ᵫ to begin with. Meh.

Anyway, the Urban Agrarian and i are off to visit Ms Fledermaus for the Great Leftover Exchange!

By the way, those of you who are new to my blog may be thinking, 'What's up with this guy not capitalizing the word "I"? Damn lazy bloggers anyway!' But for the record, i leave the word lower-case not out of laziness, but as a matter of principle. I'll extrapolate later, but rest assured that i am not a lazy blogger.


I have a new blog. This is it. Enjoy.

I'm still working on getting it to work with Northeadish text, but that's another story. I think i'm going to have to create some image files for oe-ligature-macron, ue-ligature, and ue-ligature-macron. Or i can just be lazy and use y for ue-ligature. More on that later.