Vinegar Update

Just a quick update on the vinegar sitch.

The red wine continues to crank out great vinegar. I bottled up about 2 cups of it (which was most of it) and took out most of the mother, then set it to work again.

So I went to Surdyk's on Wednesday to pick up some supplies for Project Runway night, and while I was there I asked the snotty wine guy for their cheapest, nastiest bottle of red wine they had. It was awfully funny to see his reaction, especially when I told him what I was doing with it.

"But for a dollar more, this one is really a little more drinkable."
"But I'm going to dump it into a bucket and let it spoil. I don't care how palatable is it."
"But... but... WHY?? HOW?? Why would you do that??"

Peat and I both poured ourselves a glass (it was a 2007 Barefoot Merlot) and poured the rest into the crock. We each took one sip, and then our ample glasses followed the rest into the crock as well. It tasted like plastic and old lady perfume. That's what you get for $5, I guess, but I maintain that Trader Joe's Three-buck Chuck is way better.

The mead vinegar chugs along slowly but surely and is actually really nice. I haven't delved back into the world of malt vinegar again yet, because I think it just has too low an alcohol content to keep bad things from growing in it. I think I need to brew up a good strong stout and try again. Someday...

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