Most Metal Wedding Ever!

Sorry I haven't posted about the wedding yet - we spent a solid week cleaning up and now I'm back at work. But while I'm waiting for this really farked hard drive to finish its scan, I'll post a little blurb.

So somehow, everything just came together and worked out at the last minute. A perfect sunny 78 degree day with just about 12 drops of rain during dinner. The ceremony was lovely, with readings by Oma, Ochen, and Phyllis, and with Vera the Goat as dual ringbearer and flowergirl (though she ate most of the flowers).

And the food... oh!, the food. Two rams, complete with horns, roasting on a spit, along with a goat and 12 chickens on the grill. Guinea hens in the couscous. Fruit, fruit, omigod fruit, and nearly a cubic yard of greek salad. Phyllis made little chocolate truffles and the Baker's Wife provided pastries. I made the beer and some of the wine. In all, I think it's fair to say that a good time was had by all.

More to come, including pictures... back to work!

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