Make Mother Happy

So after my last post, I still couldn't leave well enough alone, which fortunately for vinegar is good, but for most other things is bad. So I actually pulled out the mother from the malt vinegar and cut it up into little pieces. Most of them I returned to the barrel, but a few I dropped into the mead. It seemed to do the trick.

The malt vinegar has gone to town once again, and its acidity has increased a bit. The mead vinegar is now full of a few new layers of mother that have cropped up just in the last few days. I added a little proto-wine to the red wine vinegar as well and it seems quite happy. I poured it out into a measuring cup just to see if there was any mother in it, and sure enough, right at the bottom, there was a big slimy blob.

So just for record-keeping purposes, our acidity at the moment is:

Malt: 2.75%
Red: 3.0%
Mead: 0.5% (not much going on there, but lots of mother)

In other news, I'm going to be making beer tomorrow, with the aid of some new fun gadgets I picked up from Midwest Supplies and some easy-seal bottles from Phyllis. Another neighbor offered me some beer bottles, which I might still go over and pick up, but it means walking two blocks outside, and since it's currently -13 F, I'm going to try to stay inside for as long as possible. I'll be sure to post something about the beering tomorrow.

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