So Peat made this deal with the local Sisters Camelot. They're a group that distributes organic food to people, kind of a hippy non-profit gig. So Peat made a deal with them that whatever food they have that they can't deliver or is going bad they'll drop off at our friend Scooter's (he lives next door to them) and he'll bring them here for the chickens.

So far, it's been pretty cool - every couple/three days we get a couple heads of organic lettuce or day-old sprouts or something like that. Then, a week ago, we got eleven CASES of organic bosc pears.

Most of them weren't even going bad. Sometimes they just can't deliver things because they don't have enough transportation, which is what I think happened in this case. So the last week has been spent coming up with new and exciting ways to use pears. We're pretty proud of ourselves - we only ended up throwing out a box and a half. It turns out ducks and chickens don't even like pears, which put the pressure on us to use them up.

Six dozen pints of ginger pear preserves.

I don't know how much pear sauce, pear butter, and pear chutney.

By the way, we were just kinda fooling around in the kitchen when we "invented" pear chutney, but it's awesome! Pears, onions, shallots, clove, cinnamon, 5-spice, nutmeg, vinegar... who knows what else we threw in there. It makes an awesome addition to curry.

Anyway, I took about two cases and mooshed them down into 4 gallons of pear juice, to which I added pectic enzyme, two lemons, a couple cups of very strong tea, sugar to 1.060SG, distilled water to 5 gallons, and champagne yeast. It's bubbling away in the pantry and should be ready to bottle in about three weeks, then ready to drink in about 3 - 6 months. Perry is essentially hard cider, only made out of pears. The plan is to serve it at our wedding coming up in October.

Anyone who wants any kind of preserved pear product, please let me know!

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