Yule Schmule

I feel compelled to continue on my series about misappropriated pagan holidays, though I'm a little late and a little uninspired. Besides, we're in the middle of Christmas/Hanukkah/Yule/New Year's/Kwanzaa/etc., not to mention my anniversary coming up next week, and Erin and Leslie's birthdays, and who has time?

So Peat and I had a lovely holiday at his parents' house where we received lots of nice presents and booze and prime rib, but the biggest Christmas surprise was my sister announcing to the world that another virgo will soon be joining its ranks! Actually, the conversation went something like this:

"Merry Christmas!"

"Hey, rice man!"


"You're the rice man."

"Um... is there some dissent about how long to steam it? Trouble with dinner?"

"No... Uncle Ben..."

"Oh. OH! D'oh..."

We actually had a very similar conversation about eight years ago just before she married Scott. It was actually one of those conversations like "So you're gay? Oh yeah, well I'm pregnant!"

Anyway, I have no idea at all why I'm at work today. Maybe I'll go clean off my desk.

Happy Holidays to all!
(Yeah, that's right, up yours, Walmart!)
Merry Christmahanukkwanzaakah

Happy Misappropriated Pagan Holiday Number One!

Blíða Jewl, ala ða verald!

Oh, that reminds me! I should blog about Þýdisc sometime! But not now.

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